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Lucrative Business Ideas You Can Do As A Nigerian Students

Lucrative Business Ideas You Can Do As A Nigerian Students

As a Nigerian Student who is seeking academic excellence and financial stability, the pursuit can be rigorous. A lot of students are seeking to start a lucrative business in school for their upkeep, but don’t have an idea of what to do. In this article, we’ll explore a list of lucrative business idea that is focused on Nigerian students.

Lucrative Business Ideas

  1. Freelance Services:

Offering your skills in Graphic design, programming, digital marketing or copywriting remote to clients is a suitable nature of work for students as it enables them to fully participate in their schooling activities and work from their location during their leisure time.

  1. Tutoring and Academic Support:

If you are highly knowledgeable in a field of study, you can consider offering tutoring services to people online and offline. Aside from the financial profit, this business also helps you broaden your intellect.

  1. E-commerce Ventures:

E-commerce provides a golden opportunity for Nigerian students. Students can now create an online store where they sell goods even without physically encountering it, making it stress-free.

  1. Event Planning:

In the world today where celebrations and events is now common, Students wo are creative can leverage on this as a per-Time business to get extra income during their spare time.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

With the help of technology, affiliate marketing has become seemingly stress-free. Students can leverage on this and promote some goods online for a certain percentage profit. Its quite easy and time friendly.

  1. Mobile Repair Services:

As the usage of digital mobile device increases, the need for phone engineers remain on the increase. Acquiring basic and fundamental knowledge of this skill and offering the service can earn you some money.

  1. Social Media Management:

Having understood the importance digital visibility and having a strong online presence, students can utilize their knowledge of social media and offer it to organization seeking such services.

  1. Content Creation:

The average time spent by an individual on social media daily is 3 hours or more. Students who are passionate and enthusiastic about writing, podcast or creating videos can monetize their account on platform like YouTube and earn from their passion.

  1. Thrift Selling:

In a school environment, students have a high fashionable sense. Their thirst for quality fashion makes them want to invest in clothes, shoes, jewelry and other clothing accessories.

  1. Electrical and Electronics Work:

Having a skill like electrical installation and maintenance is a very lucrative skill that can be used to sustain yourself in school. You can get involved in wiring projects during the weekend, and use your spare time during the week to repair faulty electronic appliances to make ends meet.

Lucrative Business Ideas

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In conclusion, Students are not left out in the business space. The entrepreneurial zeal amongst students is quite impeccable and remarkable. Students can also learn skills like Photography and hairdressing to use as a means of livelihood for survival. The ability for students to combine passion, skills and a good strategy and balance it with their academic prospects sets them on track for a bright and promising future.

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